Words of Healing “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” – Jesus (Matt 24:35).


Life’s Little Lessons: God’s Jealousy is a Good Thing.

Oprah Winfrey in one snippet on YouTube that I saw was saying that she gave up on Christianity when she heard that God was jealous “of her.”  Now clearly, either the pastor preaching misspoke or she misunderstood, because God is not jealous “of her” but “for her.”  However, she’s not alone in this misunderstanding.  In […]


Legacy of a Quiet Man

As it is with everyone, I cannot even begin to express the impact that my parents have had on my life, especially since I would not even exist except for their love for one another.  That alone would be enough for my eternal gratitude, for I have been given the opportunity to live, to experience […]


Life’s Little Lessons: Ask and Receive?

The other day, my “little” nephew, Willie–as he was over at my house–saw me getting some ice cream for myself. I saw him whisper something in my sister’s ear and then my sister asked me if he could have some ice cream. I was happy to oblige, so I got a bowl and began scooping […]